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Foil Packs for Resellers

(bulk jiaogulan tea also available in cellophane packaging and jiaogulan capsules)

Jiaogulan tea bulk options allow you to offer your customers the best-tasting Jiaogulan on the planet using your own packaging and/or labeling. Serve your clients with your own stock of product or break down bulk-packaged product into smaller retail sizes. 

In addition, you are providing your customers with the freshest Jiaogulan available anywhere, directly from the grower. We have been growing Jiaogulan organically in the mountains of Thailand for 16 years, so we know exactly what goes into the process from seed-to-product.

Do NOT buy your Jiaogulan from a reseller. Buy it directly from us, the grower, where we harvest on demand.

Benefits of sourcing your Jiaogulan tea bulk from Aum Tea:

  • Offer your customers the best-tasting Jiaogulan on the planet (1st prize award-winning)
  • Enjoy fantastic markup
  • FREE shipping worldwide
  • We harvest on demand, meaning you are guaranteed the freshest tea possible
  • Each Jiaogulan 100g package includes a 15 page mini-booklet with Jiaogulan Q & A's, Connoisseur Tips, and Facts. An extra bonus to your customers.
  • Ordering Jiaogulan tea bulk = huge discounts! Stock up to save big.
  • You are sharing a valuable superfood with the world and promoting well-being.

A 500g package is enough for 500 cups of our Award Winning, Organic Jiaogulan Immortalitea™.

We supply 1kg in 2 500g gift-foil packages as shown here. Made of high-grade laminated micro-foil, these decorative tea packages are designed to minimize packaging weight/waste while guarantying fresh product and prolonged storage life.

Our products have a shelf-life of 18 months when stored in a cool, dry, dark place within these packages. Package designs may vary from order to order and product to product. Decorative imagery and Asian characters represent the highest-grades of high-mountain teas and herbal infusions available anywhere.

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