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The Jiaogulan Chronicles: Week #6

June 20, 2018

The Jiaogulan Chronicles: Week #6

What Tantric Philosophy and Jiaogulan can Teach Us

In Daniel Odier’s Tantric Quest: An Encounter With Absolute Love, the narrator details an experience he had with a woman in the Himalayas who initiated him in the ways of Tantric philosophy and ecstasy.

It’s a remarkable story containing all the mysterious trials and verities you would expect from a guru-teaches-student adventure, and no less entertaining and provocative for it. The teacher’s name was Devi, and she’s credited in the book with some beautiful wisdom--especially in her simplification of Tantric thought.

One of Devi’s fundamental points of emphasis is that, to experience the Divine, there is no need for the complicated theories or academic mazes that many of us become trapped in.

Rather, the less you have of all that, the better!

Tantra, Simply Explained

This is because Tantra can be boiled down to a simple recognition: there is nothing that isn’t divine, and thus all aspects of the life of man is a celebration of divinity and oneness.

To take part in this celebration, all we need to do is be present in each moment, fully experiencing life in its shimmering totality.

I’ve been especially busy lately, riding ecstatic waves of creative triumph in my writing as well as my musical poetry. I’ve observed that this creative energy has an attractive force to it, pulling in all manners of realization which often have quite an impact on my perspectives.

In other words, inspiration becomes a precursor to more inspiration, a multiplication which seems to reach to infinity.

As you can probably imagine, this can all be rather exhausting!

Today, in fact, I realized my jiaogulan ritual had been interrupted for several days...

I Can’t Miss My Sweet Superfood Tea!

I poured some jiaogulan into my french press, heated up some water, then let the tea steep for around five minutes. I could almost feel my body relaxing in anticipation.

As I sat down with my hot mug of jiaogulan, I looked out the window to the light sparkling through the tropical leaves, the play of shadow, and the mountains standing clear in the distance.

I felt my mind begin to gently free itself of thoughts and concepts, like garments dropping to the earth.

I felt the receptacle of my body savoring the healing liquid, absorbing its peacefulness. One thought now made itself known:

You are AUM-ward bound!

I giggled at how such a profound thing could be announced so playfully, especially since I was taking a moment to enjoy my Aum Tea.

Meaning of AUM

AUM, of course, is the mystical sound underpinning all of creation itself, a simple syllable that encompasses everything known and unknown. The interesting thing about the sound AUM is that each of its units is a symbol for a different phase of reality.

The fourth unit is the silence between one chant of AUM and the next, known as “Turiya”.

Turiya represents the silent bliss of uniting with the Divine and its creation. In my own reflection, I also take this to mean the spaces between our thoughts and actions, the moments when are truly able to just BE.

Tying it All Together

Devi’s wisdom is more pertinent today than ever. There is never an end of things to do, of thoughts to think, but on the journey to self-realization, less truly is more.

Devi talks about the breath between words being more important than the words themselves.

What I understand from all of this is that there is a great value in allowing one’s mind to become empty.

Even a simple act like enjoying a lovely and nourishing cup of tea while staring deeply into the sky can be an act of worship and gratitude.

Isn’t it beautiful to consider? All of us are AUM-ward bound…

See you in a couple cups!

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