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The Jiaogulan Chronicles: Week #12 (The Finale)

November 01, 2018

The Jiaogulan Chronicles: Week #12 (The Finale)

OK, so let’s back it up a little bit.

I’ve talked about a lot of different STUFF in relation to jiaogulan over the course of this journal series, and kudos to you if you’ve hung with me the whole way through!

I talked about drinking jiaogulan before basketball, during English classes and after a major episode of grief as well as a serious motorbike accident.

And don’t forget the hangover entry, possibly my favorite one! (“Kids, don’t try this at home.”)

While you might be questioning this writer’s life-stability after reading all these entries, just know that everything written here has been original to my experience.

I’m just a guy drinking jiaogulan (and coffee) and experiencing life, plain and simple.

But how did this all come together, you might be wondering? Put more frankly: who is this guy?

My name is Julian Mihdi and I’m a self-published author, English teacher and world traveler. My relationship to Marc and Aum Tea?

Well, that’s a story unto itself.

Do you have a second? If so I’ll tell you how it all came together…

How I Met Marc

In the brotherly wonderland of Chiang Mai, it’s not uncommon for friend groups to naturally overlap as “immigrants” realize how many like-minded people are actually around them.

Chiang Mai is an easy place to make heart-friends.

One day I met this really cool American named Cameron through a friend, and we struck up a friendship based on a mutual passion for hip-hop, basketball, and philosophical pursuits.

Eventually he would introduce me to Marc, a man of great wisdom and warmth living in the Thai mountains –

But, in a classic twist of synchronicity, it turned out that I was already connected to Marc in a way I hadn’t realized.

Cameron, Marc and I were sitting together on his deck one evening, talking spirituality and looking out across the treetops to the green, rolling mountain ridges…

...and as I listened to Marc talk about his experiences growing up in America, it suddenly dawned on me: this was the person in Chiang Mai who was related to a very special person in my life, a lady I had spent nearly four years with who had changed my life forever!

I couldn’t believe it, and yet in that moment it was like watching all of these puzzle-pieces fall into place, and suddenly I was looking at a different picture than I’d previously imagined.

Marc and I shared a great laugh over it.

“I guess you’re already part of the family,” he quipped with a grin.

I remember driving back on my motorbike that night in disbelief, my heart dazzled with magic.

The Beginning of the Jiaogulan Chronicles

Not long after that, I agreed to set out on a three-month journey of drinking Aum Tea jiaogulan and writing about it and,’ve just read the results!

I didn’t want to tell you in the beginning–this way, you can re-read the entire journal series with a new appreciation for my experiences.

As you can see, the jiaogulan gifted me with healing and peace, especially in times when I needed those things really badly.

All of it proceeded directly from my synchronous meeting with Marc, and this writer doesn’t consider that an accident.

For me, jiaogulan has been more than just jiaogulan.

It’s been a plant-totem of healing that came into my life at the perfect time.

And although I’ve spent twelve journal entries telling you about drinking jiaogulan, I can’t even begin to describe what it’s meant to me.

Thus concludes the Jiaogulan Chronicles–I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride and maybe even received some insights along the way! And as always…

See you in a couple cups!

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