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The Jiaogulan Chronicles: A Daily Ritual

May 16, 2018

The Jiaogulan Chronicles: A Daily Ritual

Let's be honest. When you hear a word like "immortality" brought up to describe the benefits of a health product on the market, you might wonder if it’s too good to be true. Most of us are suspicious from the get-go...I know I am! There's a lot of fraudulent stuff out there. That's why it can be too easy to overlook the miracles Mother Nature has to offer.


Drinking Jiaogulan Everyday – Week 1

Drinking Jiaogulan Everyday – Week 1


Can Jiaogulan Really Deliver Immortality?

I never heard about jiaogulan until very recently. In fact, it's still such a new word for me that I often have to press 'backspace' several times when I try to spell it. The idea of a little-known herb found in Asia that could relieve stress and prolong life aroused my curiosity.

I started opening tabs on my browser. The more I read about it, the more my eyes widened in disbelief. Had I really stumbled across the Holy Grail of medicinal herbs?

My Experiment with Jiaogulan

This is my first journal entry in what will be a series that documents my experiences with jiaogulan tea. I'm Julian, by the way, and maybe you're like me...a young, optimistic person who more or less FEELS healthy and thus doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about ways to BE healthy.

Sure, I take precautions with processed food, and I definitely won't just eat anything; but for the most part, I'm pretty carefree. It's easy to be that way at my age (31). But just recently I had a realization that, you know, I won't be this way forever. (We love you, Bob Dylan.)

Perfect Timing

Maybe jiaogulan has come into my life at the right time. I always hear people talk about spirit-animals; can I call this my spirit-plant? Whatever terms we’d like to use, my first week drinking jiaogulan tea was, I have to admit, pretty blissful.

I'm a coffee guy, but there were a couple mornings where I opted for the jiaogulan instead. I can't say that's happened with green tea, or any other tea I've ever had. The sensual experience of it is that good.

Initial Reaction to Drinking Jiaogulan Tea

The first thing I noticed after my first sip was my blood vessels around my temples opening up wider than an HOV lane in New Jersey. "What is this tea doing to me?" I wondered inwardly. I knew the herb was beneficial in more ways than I could count, but I didn't think it would catapult me into a relaxed state literally the moment I drank it.

I’ve never had an experience quite like it, and ever since that first encounter, I've been drinking about 2-3 cups of jiaogulan a day. There's definitely a "vibe" that comes with the tea...somehow, it's a combination of being energized and at the same time feeling relaxed like you just had a hour-long massage.

Jiaogulan is my New Favorite Drink

Living forever sounds kind of exhausting, but if this is what immortality feels like, sign me up! It's a beautiful thing when you can enjoy something that also has such incredible curative properties, especially in a culture that is so used to trading in its long-term health for short-term gratification.

This definitely isn't one of those herbs at grandma's house that made your face scrunch up in disgust as a kid! It’s actually delicious. Aum Tea’s Jiaogulan has quite a sweet taste naturally, with just enough bitterness to spice things up.

I can’t believe that it has all these health benefits AND it tastes great. It’s a rare find that I am happy to have stumbled upon.

Time to Put it to the Test

Now that I've been drinking jiaogulan every day for about a week, I'm keen on doing some tests with it. I will be drinking 3-8 cups a day for the next 3 months, and I will be taking notes in the process. Every week I’ll share my experience with you here, so make sure to come back for updates on my “jiaogulan journal”!

Some Personal Questions That I’m Hoping to Answer

I already feel more relaxed and have noticed my stress levels decreasing. How much more can I lower my stress levels as I continue to drink jiaogulan on a daily basis? Can it really boost my energy before a game of basketball while also helping me sleep at night? Do other herbs or roots mix well with it? I hope to have some of these answers to share with you in my next entry.

See you in a couple cups!

Check out my feelings after week 2 of drinking Jiaogulan everyday ⟶

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