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The Jiaogulan Chronicles: Week #3

May 30, 2018

The Jiaogulan Chronicles: Week #3

A Very Personal Experience

It’s been said that for every trouble in the human body, there’s an herbal remedy to address it.

Growing up, I remember my mother would always brew some chamomile tea when I was under the weather. Even now, I still associate herbs like chamomile and ginseng with tender, motherly caretaking.

I often wonder (with some amazement) what it would’ve been like to drink jiaogulan in my childhood.

Nonetheless, this past weekend I had my chance to try our “immortality herb” under duress.

I guess I’ve been holding a lot of emotions down over the last year, in the name of moving forward and achieving goals that I’ve set for myself. We all know how that goes!

But the thing is, we can’t escape the reality of our emotions, no matter how hard we try to ignore them or put things in their way.

Emotions Coming to the Surface

Just the other afternoon, everything I’d been averting my gaze from suddenly came to the surface, and I felt my body being racked with waves and waves of grief. I had never experienced anything like it, and of course I was powerless to stop the release.

I just had to “flow with it” and let the episode follow its course. After the storm had passed over, I was physically exhausted, as if I were recovering from an illness.

A headache raged between my temples and my body was totally enervated.

I didn’t happen to have any medicine at the house, and I was loath to venture out and purchase anything. Then, I remembered the jiaogulan.

I won’t say that it made me feel better immediately-the body has to undergo its own process of healing no matter what. It did, however, ease the pain between my temples, and I was able to sleep very soundly that night.

Recovering from the Release

The next day was all about recovery. I still had no energy physically, but the emotions had clearly been released and I felt more like my normal self, free of that heavy burden I’d been carrying around.

The hot cups of jiaogulan, paired with some fresh ginger and stevia, were a wonderful accompaniment to my “recalibration”. I felt soothed, and made no effort to do anything.

I simply rested and reflected, giving myself self-love and kind thoughts.

Well, I certainly hadn’t planned on experimenting with jiaogulan and its effects on processing grief! But I guess we never plan on these sort of things, right?

There’s obviously so much that goes into the inner struggle of dealing with loss, so my intention here certainly isn’t to say that a Chinese herb can make everything “OK”.

I’m still on my own journey with all of that, and I have to honor the experiences as they come. It was really nice, though, to drink a tea that could help balance me out in that situation.

I can almost visualize my mother brewing a cup for me all those years ago.

See you in a couple cups!

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