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Jiaogulan Reviews – How Customers Feel About this Super Herb

July 05, 2018

Jiaogulan Reviews – How Customers Feel About this Super Herb

When researching a new product or service, we all like to check out reviews before making a purchase. I know that this is one of the first things that I do, especially if it's something that I will be putting in or on my body.

It makes sense to look at reviews before buying a product.

We want to hear what other people who have actually tried the given product or service have to say about it. We want to know what their experience was like and to know whether or not the product helped them.

Was it effective? Did it provide the positive effects that they were looking for? Were there any side effects? Would they buy it again?

These are just a few questions that you are most likely looking to answer when making a new purchase, and rightfully so!

You should always do some research before trying something new, especially if you are going to be ingesting it.

Looking at Jiaogulan Specifically

Below you will find a collection of the most helpful jiaogulan (gynostemma) reviews. They will help you form a clear picture of real people’s experiences so that you are informed as to what you might be possible for you when using Jiaogulan.

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) Reviews

Healthy Tea that Tastes Great

"I have been researching many different teas from around the world. I plan to open a tea cafe in the USA. I’m happy to have received your jiaogulan. I honestly have never tasted a better tea! Jiaogulan is delicious! I will soon be ordering more for my own personal use. And I will be contacting you in the future to supply my cafe."

Donna A.
USA - Future Tea Cafe Owner

Jiaogulan Tea Reseller Success

"Thank you so much! Your Jiaogulan is our best-selling new item. We had 48 units sold and another 22 on backorder (70 total in just a week & a half!) We appreciate your getting the order out quickly. You'll see another order from us soon, I'm sure!"

Julie ~ CA, USA
Catalog Purchasing Agent

Jiaogulan Tea Spa Retailer Results

"Hello Marc, Yes!!! We've gotten the tea and it's flying off the shelf like wildfire. I recommend it to EVERYONE. We will need reorder soon because we only have half left. We brew a lot of jiaogulan everyday for clients and ourselves, and we all love it. I'm so glad I have your website as a health resource."

Liza S. - Dancing Heart Spa & Boutique
San Diego, California - Jiaogulan Reseller

Sweet and Delicious Taste

"I just received my jiaogulan tea. It’s very sweet and delicious! I tried jiaogulan from another company and found it to be very bitter. Yours is clearly better in taste and quality. Thank you for enriching the quality of my life!"

Elizabeth Y. M.D.
USA - Repeat Customer


"What a yummy tea! We have found this tea to reduce our sugar cravings, so we drink two cups every night. That way we don’t reach for the sweets haha. Instead, we just nibble this yummy tea (and maybe sometimes enjoy a glass of wine on the side... :-)). I love that you can brew the same tea leaves twice. And, it's organic too. What else do you need in a tea??"

Amazon Customer

Excellent Quality

"Love it. Best jiaogulan we've tasted."

Tim, Amazon Customer

Be Careful with Other Brands

"If you buy from any other company, then make sure there is more tea leaves than stems. I have tried 5 or 6 different brands but this is by far the best. Even after 3 infusions the leaves are tasty and can be used in a salad."

Robert, Amazon Customer

Energy Improvement and Feeling Good

"My energy has improved after drinking your jiaogulan tea for 3 months. My family really likes it too now that I shared it with them. I have been able to stop drinking other sweet drinks nd don't miss them at all because your jiaogulan has a nice, natural sweetness to it. I have also lost few pounds. This is now my only choice of drinks beside water."

James, Amazon Customer

Full of Flavor

"I love this tea because it’s taste is delicious. I drink it every morning, and I eat the leaves also so that there is no waste. If you want to try a tasty tea, then you should definitely give this a try. You will see what I’m talking about. Five stars for sure!"

Antonio, Amazon Customer

I love this clean, refreshing tea

"I love this tea! It is caffeine free, however, it energizes you when you want that, and relaxes you when you prefer relaxation."

Joanie, Amazon Customer

Taking it every day

"I love this Jiaogulan. I take it every day, and I feel energetic. Will keep ordering for sure. It seems to balance the mind and body as a true adaptogen. 'm feeling less stress and more balance in my life. I love the veggie caps with the free tea sample :)"

Will, Amazon Customer

Miracle Tea

"I call this tea my "magic" tea or my "miracle" tea. I usually brew 8 cups at a time and keep a cold pitcher in the fridge. I put it in my smoothies instead of water now. I also drink it cold at lunch. Sometimes I mix it with sparkling water for a refreshing drink, and I also love it as a hot tea. It’s a great way to start my day and a great thing to add to all parts of my day. I feel that jiaogulan tea has helped my overall energy and health!"

Kyra, Amazon Customer

Bulk from Aum Tea is the best deal on the internet

"Aum tea is sweeter than other brands. It’s organically grown in Thailand and is so fresh. Buying the 2.2lb. bulk from Aum Tea is the best deal on the internet. And it’s the best tasting jiaogulan tea out there. I order 1 kg and split the order with a friend. Aum Tea doesn't charge extra for shipping and order came in three days. Pretty amazing."

Alby, Amazon Customer

What to Look for in a Consumable Product

Before we end this article, we wanted to share some additional insights with you so that you know what to look for when buying any consumable or topical product.

How can you tell if what you are buying is quality?

As most of you probably know, just because something looks healthy doesn’t mean that it is healthy. With food, herbs, and supplements it can be difficult to know how (much) they were processed, where they were sourced from, if there were there pesticides used, etc.

Therefore, it’s important to have a guide that can help you always select the best brands and products.

Of course jiaogulan reviews or any other reviews you might be looking at help, but there are other things to look into before making a purchase if you want top quality.

Below you will find a checklist of what we suggest you look for to ensure top quality. All items listed below are principles that we live by at Aum Tea, and we recommend supporting brands that do the same whenever you can.

Your Checklist

How to choose the best quality food, herbs, and supplements every time so that you get maximum flavor and effectiveness. Don’t waste your money on inferior products.

Quality product tastes better AND be more effective for your body / mind.


Freshness always matters when picking a consumable product. This might seem like common sense, but it’s shocking to see how many people don’t take this into consideration.

The two things to consider are: 1) when was a product harvested and 2) how long has it been sitting.

The shorter that amount of time is, the better.

Ideally, all foods, herbs, and supplements would be farm to table, but of course that’s not realistic.

However, you can come close to that reality.

Here at Aum Tea, you can buy one of the freshest herbal teas on the market. We harvest on demand so that our products are never sitting for longer than they need to.

Nothing Artificial or Added

Not only do you want your consumable product to be as fresh as possible, but you also want it to be as natural as possible. And we mean truly natural, not the loose version of the word “natural” that is thrown around these days.

jiaogulan-reviews-no-additivesTherefore, you want to avoid products that contain artificial colors, preservatives, and/or flavors. And you want to avoid products that contain added sugar or sodium.

At Aum Tea, our products are always 100% truly natural, with zero artificials or additives used at any point.

Chemical Free

In line with our statement about being truly natural, you want the food, herbs, and supplements that you buy to be free of chemicals.

Pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals are considered a health risk factor. (2) They are associated with a variety of detrimental effects in humans as well as in the environment and wildlife.

jiaogulan-reviews-no-chemicalsThe negative effects of these chemicals are usually gradual, so it can be difficult to get people to take this seriously. However, all of the research clearly shows that continual exposure to pesticides causes negative health and environmental effects.

Therefore, please take this point seriously, and do not purchase products that use chemicals in their production.

At Aum Tea, we would never even think of using chemicals in our production because it goes against everything that we stand for.

We work with the land, not against it.

Non-GMO / Non-GE

You hear a lot of controversy over genetically modified (GMO) and genetically engineered (GE) organisms.

Some say there are bad, and some say they aren’t. For us, GM and GE organisms are simply not natural, and they certainly seem to cause more harm than good.

Therefore, we recommend to always purchase non-GMO products.

Over 70% of processed foods found in retail stores and restaurants contain ingredients derived from genetically engineered (GE) corn, soybeans, canola, and cotton. In addition, half the sugar used in food products comes from GM sugar beets. (1)

jiaogulan-reviews-non-gmoAvoid processed foods that contain any of those ingredients.

Furthermore, by supporting companies that produce non-GMO products, you are helping to shift the buying decisions of food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Food manufacturers all over the world have switched to non-GM ingredients in response to consumers demanding they make a change or lose customers.

Sustainably Grown

In addition to being careful about what is put on your consumable products, you also want to be careful about how they are grown (or how the ingredients are grown).

As we mentioned above, chemicals are damaging to the environment, but so are unsustainable growing practices. Unsustainable growing practices degrade the soil, water, and other natural resources, all of which are major issues which negatively affect human life on this planet.

Therefore, you want to make sure to support companies, brands, and people who are using sustainable growing practices.

It’s a small effort on that goes a long way.

At Aum Tea, as we mentioned briefly above, we work with the land, not against the land. Not only are all of our herbs and teas grown sustainably, but they are also all grown in the native regions where the plants originate.

Ethically Sourced

Another factor to consider when purchasing a product is whether or not it was ethically sourced.

Many things fall under the “ethically sourced” umbrella, including worker safety and treatment, sustainable practices, community support, as well as food safety and quality.

jiaogulan-reviews-fair-tradeIt’s important to find a product that is not only high quality but that also supports the community and the people who help produce the product.

Here at Aum Tea in Northern Thailand, we work directly with the farmers to sustainably produce our jiaogulan. Jiaogulan is one of the top cash crops of the country, so the farmers are able to make much more money than they would make growing other crops.

In addition, because jiaogulan is one of the top cash crops in the country, growing it helps eradicate the production of poppy seeds and opium, thus helping the community.



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